Xavier focuses on high-precision parts machining
Delivery in as fast as 5 days /100% Inspection /Full Process Measurement Report /3D Scanning Digital Analog Comparison /Free Return of Defective Products

Xavier Integrated Productivity

Our extensive manufacturing processes and experience to meet your production needs,to help streamline your supply chain and enable “one-stop” ordering of total projects.One-stop service from concept to realization. The combination of highly skilled team and cutting-edge equipment provides excellent service to customers.

Xavier Enterprise Cloud

Long-term cooperative customers support the configuration of external IDs with different permissions according to roles, and check real-time updates online. The traditional and cumbersome ordering process is all streamlined in the “cloud”, and the “assistant module” supports regular reminder services, making the ordering work simple and efficient.

Avoid the following ordering pain points:
  • RFQ inquiry time is poor, and the quotation has no cost details.
  • The production progress is not transparent, the mail repeatedly asks about the progress, and the delivery is delayed.
  • Delivery of missing materials/measurement data/COC/PI/packing list etc.
  • Manual recording of PI amount is wrong, repeated reconciliation.
  • E-mail communication is delayed, and the emergency list is more time-sensitive
  • Xavier is a global manufacturer of precision non-standard components, including CNC machining, 5-axis machining, prototyping, gears, die-casting, casting, forging, aluminum extrusion, etc. We have a complete supply chain of raw materials, molding, auxiliary processing, surface treatment, packaging materials, logistics, etc., providing you with an efficient “one-stop” delivery mode to customers.
  • Xavier adheres to the enterprise spirit of “high, precise and sharp” and continues to enhance the competitiveness of the company with the core value of casting the world brand with advanced technology. Design phase manufacturable technical support, manufacturing cost optimization at different stages, delivery of high quality parts.
  • Xavier has developed an integrated management system customized according to the AS9100 quality system organization structure, open to long-term customers online query external ID, new project costing, prototyping, FAI efficient and convenient, batch order progress, measurement data real-time dynamic, using Microsoft servers configured network firewall and SSL encryption, we comply with the EU Cybersecurity Act.

Full closed-loop quality management

Customer-centric, focus on customer needs, data authenticity, effective management, continuous improvement of process control, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve Xavier ‘s performance.

Demand analysis

Define project requirements with your customers, create RFQ requirements or production requirements in the cloud computing management platform,and have established customers with Xavier authorized IDs access all project developments in your company online.

Process Control

All production processes will be fully closed-loop process management, MES will lock production equipment if the measurement data is out of tolerance, automatically schedule production to avoid delayed delivery, and query PO real-time production dynamics online.

Supply Chain

Must obtain ISO9001 quality system certificate, review the quality planning of "Quality Manual", try Xavier specific test pieces; sign supply chain agreement after the review, focus on quality rules, privacy and confidentiality clauses, and grade review twice a year.

Quality & Delivery

Measurement data online real-time query, support parts carving flow number and PO number traceability, measurement data report support electronic file export, shipping file contains material report, CMM full size report, surface treatment report, COC, packing list.

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Advanced Encryption Standard

Xavier use (Advanced Encryption Standard,AES) to fully guarantee the security of files uploaded by our customers.