Zinc Pressure Die Casting  

Zinc is one of the most important metals in automotive industry like door lock housing, pawls, pullets in seat belt system, camshaft and sensor components. Zinc pressure die casting is commonly used in automotive industry. Car parts can be produced through die casting. With the help of pressure die casting processes, it is no need to do further machining after casting. Accuracy is up to 99.8%. It is easy to get a strength, ductility and malleability by using zinc.

Zinc alloy die casting


Zinc Pressure Die Casting offer durable finished products. Zinc is an ideal material for die casting because of it’s high ductility. It helps to maintain pressure and expansion without fracturing.


Zinc has numerous benefits in die casting. Zinc is electrical and thermal conductivity. Zinc alloy is not expensive. It is corrosion resistant and strong stabilized. Its low melting point requests less energy for production. Zinc pressure die casting parts are suitable for electroplating as its high quality coating and chrome plating. Zinc offer complicated geometries and quality finishing.


Hot chamber and cold chamber are two of methods in die casting. Materials like zinc or magnesium which have low melting point are ideal for hot chamber while material for example aluminum that has high melting point is suitable for cold chamber. When choosing a material for die casting, manufacturers have to think about application, material density, melting point, tensile strength, yield strength. Compared to aluminum, zinc as a non-sparking metal, it is more precise. It has thinner wall sections, higher pressure tightness and pressure tightness. It is more machinable, formable and less cost in casting. Compared to cast iron, zinc has cheaper die casting cost which offer more precision and superior thermal and electrical conductivity. Compared to steel, zinc is not only cheaper but also has better corrosion resistance and equivalent or superior tolerances. Unlike magnesium, zinc needs lower pressure and temperature for casting. Zinc has a better corrosion resistance and surface so it does not need additional treatments.


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