What changes can the digital workshop bring to the factory?

Digital workshop
Digital workshop

Through the successful implementation of digital workshop systems, companies will achieve qualitative improvements in workshop manufacturing and management.

1. Equipment interconnection and information exchange
Through the interconnection of equipment, the digital workshop system enables digital equipment such as CNC machine tools, heat treatment equipment, and robots in the workshop to realize program information exchange, remote data collection, centralized program management, big data analysis, visual display, and intelligent decision support. The previous single-machine working model has been upgraded to a digital, networked, and intelligent management model.

2. Collaborate production to make equipment operate efficiently
The digital workshop system uses the information system as a means to realize the sharing and collaboration of various information through the planning, production scheduling, work dispatch, work reporting, materials, quality, quality inspection, warehousing and other modules in the system, achieving accuracy at the workshop level Plan, lean production, visual display, refined management, transform the previous serial production into a parallel collaborative production model, realize “one flow” production, the workpiece is transferred to the equipment, processing procedures and other technical documents, tooling fixtures, etc. All production resources are ready, which greatly reduces the waiting time of equipment, which can significantly improve equipment production efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

3. Virtual reality interaction, real-time monitoring of manufacturing status
The digital workshop changes the traditional manufacturing model and achieves deep integration of the virtual world and the physical world, with accurate mapping and mutual promotion of virtual and real worlds. Each position and equipment in the workshop is integrated into the entire information system, characterized by the orderly flow of data, with efficient and high-quality production as the core, and the integration of man, machine, material, method, environment, and testing. Based on digitalization and network The modern and intelligent management system enables managers to “see, speak clearly, and do it right” and realize the “Smart” production process, that is, agile, efficient, high-quality, low-cost, green, Collaborative intelligent production and service model.

The digital workshop carries out comprehensive scientific management and control of the workshop, greatly improves the scientificity of workshop planning, the synergy of the production process, the in-depth integration of production equipment and information systems, and conducts transparency and quantification based on big data analysis and decision support. Management can significantly improve enterprise production efficiency, product quality, production costs, etc.

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