What is machining and what are its characteristics

Machining in a broad sense refers to all cnc machining processes using machines; machining in a narrow sense refers to the use of various machine tools to cut metals and plastics. Generally speaking, machining is mostly in a narrow sense, so its meaning is almost the same as that of subtractive manufacturing, but in the industrial field, it is generally used to call machining.

Among various machining methods, milling, turning and grinding are the three most widely used machining methods.

  1. Milling

Milling is used for a wide variety of parts, from the machining of automotive engine parts to the machining of molds, smartphones, and electronic parts. During milling, the blank or workpiece is fixed on the processing platform, and the tool travels according to the program setting, cutting the blank or workpiece to obtain the set geometry, which is more suitable for processing square parts.


  1. Turning

Turning is also a very widely used machining method, which can be used to machine various parts such as automobile shafts and precision parts for smartphones. During turning, the blank or workpiece is fixed on the spindle and rotates at high speed, and the tool contacts the blank or workpiece along the set path to realize cutting, which is more suitable for machining cylindrical parts.


  1. Grinding

It is a processing method widely used for finishing precision parts such as automobile crankshafts and bearings. Metal surfaces with an accuracy of 1 micron (1/1000 mm) can be achieved. Grinding is a kind of processing method in which the high-speed rotating grinding wheel is pressed on the workpiece little by little, causing relative motion between the two, removing the workpiece as chips, and finishing it into a predetermined shape and size. Longer than milling and turning.


In addition, hard-to-cut materials such as cemented carbide and special materials such as semiconductor wafers and ceramics can also be easily machined with hard grinding wheels. Precision grinding can also mirror-finish metal surfaces with an accuracy of 0.1 microns.

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