Advantages of Vertical CNC Milling

CNC vertical milling uses an automated process to control specialized rotary cutting tools that remove material from the workpiece surface. Manufacturers use CNC vertical milling to form workpieces and create details on their surfaces. It is most commonly used to cut small holes and notches and to create 3D products. The vertical spindles of these machines also make them ideal for drilling and plunge cutting.

Vertical CNC Milling

Vertical CNC machines offer users the ability to manufacture custom solutions to precise specifications. This results in the processed components being:

  • elegant
  • innovative
  • Feature
  • Cost-effectiveness

Advantages of Vertical CNC Milling

Using a vertical milling machine has many advantages over horizontal milling techniques, including:

  • Vertical mills generally cost less than horizontal mills
  • Lower upfront costs result in lower overall costs, making your product more popular with customers
  • Vertical mills tend to be easier to operate than horizontal – many have user-friendly controls for faster productivity and easier programming
  • Compared to horizontal setups, vertical mills provide greater visibility of the workpiece, allowing users to process larger portions of the workpiece at a time and favoring slower projects that require greater attention
  • Vertical milling machines allow for greater project flexibility and variety – users can use a wider range of shape and size configurations than horizontal setups

Thanks to the latest advancements in CNC milling technology, vertical CNC milling machines can perform functions far beyond the capabilities of traditional metal cutting and fabrication techniques. Vertical milling machines can also simplify and speed up processes that used to take a lot of time and labor.

While many tasks and processes benefit from using a vertical milling machine, some of the most extensive tasks include:

  • grind
  • Slotted
  • punching
  • Sculpture
  • tapping
  • texture
  • thread

This range of capabilities translates into different project areas that will benefit from the use of vertical CNC milling in their production processes. Vertically milled components can now meet more detailed specifications than previous generations of equipment.

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