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  • Xavier is a global manufacturer of precision non-standard components, including CNC machining, 5-axis machining, prototyping, gears, die-casting, casting, forging, aluminum extrusion, etc. We have a complete supply chain of raw materials, molding, auxiliary processing, surface treatment, packaging materials, logistics, etc., providing you with an efficient “one-stop” delivery mode to customers.
  • Xavier adheres to the enterprise spirit of “high, precise and sharp” and continues to enhance the competitiveness of the company with the core value of casting the world brand with advanced technology. Design phase manufacturable technical support, manufacturing cost optimization at different stages, delivery of high quality parts.
  • Xavier has developed an integrated management system customized according to the AS9100 quality system organization structure, open to long-term customers online query external ID, new project costing, prototyping, FAI efficient and convenient, batch order progress, measurement data real-time dynamic, using Microsoft servers configured network firewall and SSL encryption, we comply with the EU Cybersecurity Act.

Xavier Enterprise Cloud

Xavier Enterprise Cloud

Long-term cooperative customers support the configuration of external IDs with different permissions according to roles, and check real-time updates online. The traditional and cumbersome ordering process is all streamlined in the “cloud”, and the “assistant module” supports regular reminder services, making the ordering work simple and efficient.

Avoid the following ordering pain points:
  • RFQ inquiry time is poor, and the quotation has no cost details.
  • The production progress is not transparent, the mail repeatedly asks about the progress, and the delivery is delayed.
  • Delivery of missing materials/measurement data/COC/PI/packing list etc.
  • Manual recording of PI amount is wrong, repeated reconciliation.
  • E-mail communication is delayed, and the emergency list is more time-sensitive

Xavier Integrated Productivity

Our extensive manufacturing processes and experience to meet your production needs,to help streamline your supply chain and enable “one-stop” ordering of total projects.One-stop service from concept to realization. The combination of highly skilled team and cutting-edge equipment provides excellent service to customers.

Xavier Advantages


Plan the production process according to the demand, manual calculation, avoid rough and inaccurate AI quotations, and track and reply within 30 minutes.

Quick sample

Complete trial production within 3 days at the fastest, samples are provided with FAIR, and some parts are free for proofing.

Production & Delivery

The process data is traceable, the production progress is transparent, 99% of the delivery is on time, and the delayed delivery bears the freight.

Project experienc

Rich experience in defense/transportation/oil projects,support PPAP/FEMA/PFEMA needs.

Our experience in digital


service companies


uniquely produced parts


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been in business for many years

Xavier Technical experience

  • Xavier Precision Component Co.,Ltd. core equipment is mainly CNC milling/CNC turning, covering gear, die-casting, casting, forging, aluminum extrusion, welding and other manufacturing processes, and has accumulated many complex project manufacturing experience. We have rich experience and technology accumulation in material deformation, welding of different materials, and various surface treatments of one part. Stable quality control can be obtained in the production stages of different processes. It is not a service capability that can be replaced by a single process manufacturer, such as die-casting and casting. , gear and other factories.
  • Casting rough, X-ray flaw detection/fluorescence impregnation after machining/resin impregnation sealing/partial oxidation/partial Sediq 650/quality is permanently traceable.
  • Cast valve body, X-ray inspection, post-machining helium inspection, piston hole & cross hole grinding and corner blunt/passivation clean.
  • Gear transmission, spur gear, inner gear ring, loose gear, worm gear and worm processing focus on the machining accuracy of the shaft. The common normal line of the teeth is ground based on the shaft to ensure the pitch circle diameter, tooth tip circle, tooth root circle, and span tooth pitch. and other important parameters compliance.
  • Pores are easy to appear inside the die-casting blank, the secondary machining yield is low, and the surface treatment visual effect. Xavier provides SOP specifications from the mold flow analysis, die-casting parameters, machining, and surface treatment, Spot & Blow, provideING additional services of X-ray inspection and resin impregnation sealing.

Rich Industry Experience

Optical applications
Optical manufacturing department is equipped with high-precision CNC turning milling and multi-axis milling equipment, and optical parts have high requirements, excellent size to improve assembly efficiency, coaxial and straightness to shorten the crosshair correction time, lens barrel coarse %&glossiness is critical to affect the imaging effect. As a professional optical components manufacturer we provide manufacturing technical support and complete quality test reports
5G communication case application
5 g manufacturing mainly by high speed 3/4 axis milling and 3 axis turning device is given priority to, in intelligent home, intelligent wear, we mainly sail afraid of photography is given priority to, mainly in the service of consumer electronic products, product upgrading faster, high production limitation, parts material how to aluminum/aluminum/aluminum forging/aluminum die casting, stainless steel, high surface treatment required style, colour is sensitive, High quality looks are especially important.
Fluid Control Case Application
Fluid control manufacturing department CNC processing equipment has been compound 4/5/6 axis CNC turning milling equipment, valve body & valve core processing mainly to cross hole edge burr, shaft hole coaxial, shaft runout, high surface roughness, μ M tolerance as the core, from the processing sequence and process to avoid multiple clamping and other bad risks, one-time clamping complete add, Drilling/honing/fluid polishing/plasma polishing/passivation for demanding holes.

Advanced Encryption Standard

Xavier use (Advanced Encryption Standard,AES) to fully guarantee the security of files uploaded by our customers.