Types of metal surface drawing


1. Straight grain drawing on the metal surface refers to the straight-line texture processed by mechanical friction on the surface of the metal plate. It has the dual function of brushing scratches on metal surfaces and decorating metal surfaces. There are two types of straight line drawing: continuous silk pattern and intermittent silk pattern. Continuous silk patterns can be obtained by continuously rubbing the metal surface with a scouring pad or stainless steel brush. By changing the wire diameter of the stainless steel brush, textures of different thicknesses can be obtained.
2. The random wire drawing on the metal surface is an irregular, matte silk pattern without obvious lines obtained by rubbing the metal forward, backward, left and right under a high-speed running copper wire brush.
3. Corrugated wire drawing on metal surfaces is generally produced on brushing machines and graining machines. The axial movement of the upper set of grinding rollers is used to grind the metal surface to obtain a wavy pattern.
4. Thread drawing on metal surfaces uses a small motor with a round felt on the shaft, which is fixed on the table at an angle of about 60 degrees to the edge of the table.

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