turning-milling compound machining center have tool collision problems

Why does the turning-milling compound machining center have tool collision problems?
1. Unlock the machining center machine tool simulation.
2. If you forget to turn off the idle switch during processing, the machine tool will ignore the given feed speed and run at G00 speed, resulting in tool collision and machine tool collision accidents.
3. There is no reference point return after idling simulation of the machining center.
4. The overtravel release direction of the machining center is wrong.
5. When the machining center line is running, the cursor position is incorrect.
6. Program writing error – g01 input is G00
7. The remarks in the program table are incorrect, and the finishing program is changed to a roughing program.
8. Tool measurement error. During the tool setting process, the reference plane is incorrect.
9. Program transmission error, the transmitted program is not the actual program for processing parts.
10. Wrong tool selection.
11. Blanks exceed expectations.
12. The workpiece material itself is defective or has too high hardness.
13. Clamping coefficient. Due to the interference of the pad, the clamping coefficient is not considered during the processing and is cut directly to the fixture.
14. Machine tool failure, sudden power outage, tool collision caused by lightning strike, etc.turning-milling compound machining center

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