Three points to pay attention to in hard anodized coloring

Products made of aluminum products have many advantages. First, the production process is extruded and the production process is relatively simple. Second, aluminum production is not easy to rust and the product is durable. Therefore, there are relatively many designs of aluminum products at present. Then in the surface treatment, the aluminum products should also be hard oxidized, the smoothness of the treated products is better, the products are more wear-resistant and durable. If the products with hard oxidation coloring treatment are added, the surface will be more beautiful, which is deeply loved by consumers. So, how is hard anodizing carry out hard anodizing coloring, and what factors should be paid attention to, we will analyze it today.

hard oxidation coloring treatment

The dyeing process of aluminum oxide materials belongs to the field of surface treatment industry. It is a new type of gold imitation process that is oxidized first and then dyed. Aluminum alloy materials have a wide range of applications due to their unique advantages. It has the characteristics of strong plasticity and high temperature resistance. At the same time, aluminum surface treatment technologies such as hard anodizing coloring processing technology have been further developed, which further expands the application range of aluminum alloys.

At present, my country’s aluminum oxide is gradually increasing in the market, but when producing aluminum oxide coloring materials, the following points should be paid attention to:

1.Improper handling of the dyeing process will result in abnormal color.

Aluminum alloy hard oxidation

2.During the coloring process, the voltage must be controlled. The level of the voltage will have a great impact on the coloring speed and color changes.

Third: Thorough degreasing must be carried out before coloring, otherwise the film layer will appear obvious mottled. In addition, it is very important that the coloring temperature must be suitable, otherwise the color film will fog.

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