The role of adding borax during the forging process

The role of adding borax during the forging process.
1. Adding borax can improve the hardness and strength of metal. Boride has high hardness and strength, and can significantly improve the mechanical properties of metal materials during the forging process.
2. Adding borax can improve the processing performance of metal. The right amount of borax can improve the fluidity and plasticity of metal, making it easier to be processed into the desired shape and size during the forging process.
3. Adding borax can reduce production costs. Borax is a cheap compound, and adding an appropriate amount of borax can reduce the cost of metal materials. Reduce metal material loss and scrap rate during the forging process.
4. Adding borax can also reduce defects such as hot cracks and pores in metal materials, thereby improving the quality and reliability of forgings.

forging process
forging process

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