Some tips for machining mechanical parts

In the process of machining mechanical parts, enterprises must not only ensure their quality, but also carefully maintain the external aesthetics. In order to ensure that the precision parts are not corroded by sweat, air and other ingredients, they are always in the factory state and improve the service life. The parts need to be individually sealed and packaged after they come out of the oven, and they also need to be wiped with gasoline or alcohol. This work requires gloves to be operated and dried, and then isolated with cotton.

Mechanical parts processing

In the processing of various types of mechanical parts, the balance screw is difficult to process, prone to scratches, and difficult to guarantee due to its deep opening groove, small width, and small size tolerance range. From the perspective of traditional processing technology, combined with the existing measuring tools, the mold can be polished and the opening grooves can be lubricated before processing. It is processed at the same time as the tire, and there is a small gap between the tire and the workpiece, which not only improves the rigidity of the opening groove, reduces the probability of deformation, but also enables the balance screw to meet the accuracy requirements.

Precision copper parts processing

The introduction of the sine gauge measurement, the sine gauge is a precision measuring tool used to verify the working taper or angle, the gauge block and the sine relationship in the trigonometric function. It consists of two precision cylinders and a precision working plane body. It can precisely position the workpiece at an angle of processing. When machining mechanical parts, place it on the work plate of the sine gauge, and position the workpiece on the opposite side of the sine gauge baffle. The final required size is sine The sum of the height of the gauge and the size of the workpiece to be measured, after such measurement, the tolerance of the shape and size of the precision parts can be strictly controlled, the position of the error can be accurately located, and the accurate data of the workpiece can be easily obtained.

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