Some common problems and improvement methods of CNC machining centers (2)

Reasons for machine collision caused by CNC machining center programming: Insufficient safety height or failure to set it. The tool on the program list and the actual program tool are written incorrectly. The tool length (blade length) and actual machining depth on the program sheet are written incorrectly. The depth Z-axis fetching and actual Z-axis fetching on the program sheet are wrongly written. The coordinate setting is wrong during programming.
Improvement methods include: accurately measuring the height of the workpiece and ensuring that the safe height is above the workpiece. The tool on the program sheet should be consistent with the actual program tool (try to use automatic program sheet or use picture to generate program sheet). Measure the actual depth of processing on the workpiece, and clearly write the length and blade length of the tool on the program sheet (usually The tool clamp length is 2-3MM higher than the workpiece, and the blade length is 0.5-1.0MM). The actual Z-axis number on the workpiece must be clearly written on the program sheet.

CNC machining centers
CNC machining centers

Cause of machine collision caused by CNC machining center operator: Depth Z-axis tool setting error. The number of hits and operations in the points are wrong, the wrong knife is used, the program is wrong, and the handwheel is turned in the wrong direction during manual operation. Press the wrong direction during manual rapid traverse.
Improvement methods include: When performing deep Z-axis tool setting, you must pay attention to where the tool is being set. The number of hits and operations must be checked repeatedly after completion. When clamping the tool, check it repeatedly with the program sheet and program before installing it. The procedure must be followed one by one in order. When using manual operation, the operator himself must improve his proficiency in operating the machine tool. During manual rapid movement, the Z-axis can be raised above the workpiece before moving.

Reasons for the surface accuracy problem of the workpiece: unreasonable cutting parameters and rough surface of the workpiece. The cutting edge of the knife is not sharp. The tool clamping is too long and the blade clearance is too long. Chip removal, air blowing, and oil flushing are not good. CNC machining center programming tool feeding method (you can try to consider down milling). The workpiece has burrs.
Improvement methods include: CNC machining center cutting parameters, tolerances, margins, speed and feed settings should be reasonable. The tool requires the operator to check and replace it from time to time. When clamping the tool, the operator is required to keep the clamp as short as possible, and the blade should not be too long to avoid the air. For down-cutting with flat knives, R knives, and round-nose knives, the speed and feed settings must be reasonable. The burrs on the workpiece are directly related to our machine tools and the cutting method of the cutting tools. Understand the performance of the CNC machining center and correct the burrs on the edges.

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