Xavier Quality Inspection
Measur Data System/ Six Sigma Management/ 100% Shipping Inspection/ Full Process Measurement Report/ Free return and exchange of defective products
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As a manufacturer of high precision parts, Xavier Precision Component Co.,Ltd. has a full process automatic storage measurement data management system, visual data and charts to accurately present the quality dynamics of each production process, SPC automatic statistical analysis of measurement data to ensure the efficiency and qualification rate of mass production, measurement data seamlessly connected to the production system, abnormal data automatically lock production equipment to provide early warning. If you need full process measurement data, you can check FAI & inspection report / 3DCMM full size report / shipping report & surface treatment report / RoHs / material certificate with composition and mechanics for each production process of all your products online with Xavier authorized ID.Digital Detection System

Full closed-loop quality management

Customer-centric, focus on customer needs, data authenticity, effective management, continuous improvement of process control, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve Xavier ‘s performance.

Demand analysis

Define project requirements with your customers, create RFQ requirements or production requirements in the cloud computing management platform,and have established customers with Xavier authorized IDs access all project developments in your company online.

Process Control

All production processes will be fully closed-loop process management, MES will lock production equipment if the measurement data is out of tolerance, automatically schedule production to avoid delayed delivery, and query PO real-time production dynamics online.

Supply Chain

Must obtain ISO9001 quality system certificate, review the quality planning of "Quality Manual", try Xavier specific test pieces; sign supply chain agreement after the review, focus on quality rules, privacy and confidentiality clauses, and grade review twice a year.

Quality & Delivery

Measurement data online real-time query, support parts carving flow number and PO number traceability, measurement data report support electronic file export, shipping file contains material report, CMM full size report, surface treatment report, COC, packing list.

Quality Objective

  • On time delivery rate ≥99%
  • Customer complaint rate ≤ 2%
  • Customer satisfaction ≥90%, and increase by 0.5% year by year.
  • The accuracy rate of process technical documents is 100%, and the timely completion rate of new products is 100%.
  • Production qualification rate ≥97%,and increase by 0.2% every year The qualified rate of ex-factory products is 100%

Xavier's quality certificates

Xavier Precision Component Co.,Ltd. passed the TUV Rheinland audit and obtained the certificate authorization- ISO9001:2015&AS9100:2018.Xavier adds Aerospace IAQA and Aerospace Supplier Information System. To support customers to review our company’s supporting capabilities online, we integrate the quality system into the management system to achieve a fully closed-loop evidence chain, and eliminate the “counterfeit parts” mixing from the management procedures.     Download certificate

What quality reports are available for delivery of goods?

The Xavier quality system supports the display of all process measurement reports in the form of data and charts, which are convenient and quick to read; your trial samples and mass production deliver goods with quality material certificates/full-scale inspection/surface treatment/COC paper reports, all Delivered parts meet EU RoHS standards.


Quality Control Policy

Customer first

Customer-centric, working for customers‘ requirements, reviewing our philosophy, strategy, values, system, words and deeds, products, services, etc., continuously improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and always take customer satisfaction as a working principle.


Quality is the foundation of a company’s survival. Do a good job in quality management, starting from the details, going deep into every link, everyone is concerned about quality, and quality is emphasized everywhere. Enhance employees’ awareness of “Quality is the foundation of survival”.

Scientific management

Use a scientific management system, through data observation, recording and analysis, to summarize reasonable work methods, achieve high-efficiency and low-cost standardized management, and strengthen enterprise operating cost control.


Constantly improve the company’s technology and management level, realistic and innovative, cutting-edge technology, and strive to become a leader in the hardware manufacturing industry with high, precise, and cutting-edge corporate spirit.


Advanced Encryption Standard

Xavier use (Advanced Encryption Standard,AES) to fully guarantee the security of files uploaded by our customers.