What are the matters needing attention in aluminum oxidation processing and coloring?

Because of its unique advantages, aluminum alloy materials have a wide range of applications, mainly due to the strong plasticity and high temperature resistance of aluminum materials. At the same time, aluminum surface treatment technologies such as aluminum oxidation processing technology have been further developed, which further expands the application range of aluminum alloys.

Oxidation coloring of aluminum die castings

At present, the market demand for coloring by aluminum oxidation processing is increasing day by day. Relevant experts pointed out that in this process, there are many places worth noting:

First, it is necessary to pay attention to the time when using aluminum oxidation processing technology to color. This is mainly because the length of the coloring time not only affects the quality of the coloring, but also has a great impact on the color resistance. Improper handling will result in abnormal color.

aluminum oxidation processing and coloring

Second, a thorough degreasing must be carried out before coloring, otherwise the film will appear marked mottled. In addition, it is very important that the coloring temperature must be suitable, otherwise the color film will fog.

The coloring of aluminum oxide products can make the aluminum alloy put on a colorful coat, which has an excellent decorative effect. Classification by method can be divided into spontaneous coloring, adsorption coloring, and electrolytic coloring. Decolorization problems mostly occur in adsorption coloration. Since the dye is adsorbed on the surface of the pores of the aluminum oxide film, decolorization is inevitable. However, if the hole can be sealed well, the discoloration of the aluminum oxide film can be prevented. Among the many sealing processes, the simplest is hot water sealing, which is low in cost but ineffective. The cost of steam sealing is very high, and its sealing effect is the most obvious.

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