Common Coloring Problems in Aluminum Oxidation Processing

The main problems are: color mixing, uneven tones, white shifts, and white spots. Of course, in the actual processing, different methods are used to deal with it, and the situation of the problems is different to a certain extent. In addition, it is also affected by the properties of the material itself, pretreatment and other factors.

aluminum oxidation processing and coloring

Next, we will choose two commonly used coloring methods to give a brief introduction to the home, hoping to help everyone. First of all, what problems are prone to occur in natural color rendering. When using this method, the problem often encountered is whether the oxide film is uniform. The specific situation of coloring will be greatly affected by the processing process, among which, it will also be affected by the pretreatment in aluminum oxidation processing.、

Oxidation coloring of aluminum die castings

So, if you use the method of adsorption coloring, what problems will occur? In a large number of practical cases, we found that if this coloring method is used, the main problem is that it is easy to cause uneven coloring of the oxide film, and there is a problem of color mixing or decolorization. That is to say, it will lead to unsatisfactory coloring effect of products processed by aluminum oxidation.

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