The use and processing requirements of precision parts

With the continuous expansion of the degree of industrialization, the processing technology of precision parts has gradually matured and refined. Then CNC machining, as a way of machining precision parts, can achieve higher precision compared to other machining methods, and at the same time, its requirements for the machining process are relatively high.


Precision parts have become an integral part of many important industries and are no longer simple machining. In recent years, precision parts are often combined with high-end technology products to realize its value and continuously promote the process of industrialization.

Alloy steel armored vehicle parts

We all know that any product is assembled from many small parts, from small household appliances to aerospace rockets, and every small part plays an indispensable role. Then this is the purpose of CNC precision parts. The manufacturer processes the parts according to the requirements of the parts, so as to produce small parts of each part.


In the process of producing these parts, it is necessary to ensure that the precision and thickness of the precision parts meet the corresponding requirements. In the process of processing, every process is very important. The input and output of the tool need to be interlocked, and the size and precision are strictly controlled. Maybe only 1 mm of error will cause the product to be scrapped and lose its value.

Hydraulic valve body assembly

Xavier has nearly 10 years of CNC machining experience, and has continuously accumulated experience, progress and innovation in the machining of precision parts, and has delivered a good score of 0.01 mm in precision.


In terms of combination, while my country’s industrialization continues to grow and develop, the use of CNC precision parts has gradually been combined with high-end technology and other products, and has continued to expand. At the same time, the requirements for the processing process are also stricter, and more emphasis is placed on product quality.

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