What are the requirements for materials for CNC precision parts processing?

In CNC machining, the selection of materials and the hardness of materials are generally determined according to the needs of the product itself, the hardness of the CNC machining center tool, and the density of the material itself.

The first is the material hardness requirement; for certain products, the higher the material hardness, the better. For CNC precision machining, the material can be selected according to the characteristics of the product itself.


Secondly, the hardness of the material should be moderate, and the material of the machined parts should be lower than the hardness of the tool used in the CNC machining center.

Finally, in the CNC machining process, there are certain requirements for the processing materials. The hardness and density of the material are in line with the use of the product itself. The material selection of precision parts is the top priority in CNC machining. The key to whether a product can successfully complete the machining is to control the good materials.

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