Positioning reference requirements for five-axis machining centers

There are several requirements that five-axis machining centers need to pay attention to when determining the positioning reference of parts:

  1. When determining the positioning datum of a part, give priority to the design datum on the part as the positioning datum.
  2. When the five-axis machining center cannot complete station processing including the design datum at the same time, make the positioning datum and the design datum coincide.
  3. The positioning reference in the machining center needs to complete as many processing values as possible.
  4. When the positioning datum of a part and the design datum are difficult to overlap, according to the design function of the part’s design datum, the geometric tolerance range between the positioning datum and the design datum is strictly specified through the calculation of the dimension chain to ensure machining accuracy.
  5. The origin of the workpiece coordinate system and the part positioning datum do not necessarily have to coincide, but there must be a definite geometric relationship between the two.
     five-axis machining centers
    five-axis machining centers

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