Performance that milling cutters should have

Milling cutters have to withstand a lot of pressure and impact during work.Due to the plastic deformation of the workpiece material produced during cutting and the strong friction between the contact surfaces of the milling cutter, chips, and workpiece, the cutting edge of the milling cutter generates high temperatures and is subject to great stress. Therefore, a milling cutter should have the following characteristics:


  1. High hardness milling cutters must have a hardness higher than the material being processed. Generally, the normal temperature hardness of milling cutters is above 62HRC.
  2. High wear resistance Wear resistance is the ability of the milling cutter to resist wear.
  3. Sufficient strength and toughness. To withstand large amounts of pressure as well as shock and vibration, milling cutter materials should have sufficient strength and toughness. Generally, strength is expressed by flexural strength, and toughness is expressed by impact value.
  4. zHigh heat resistance. Heat resistance refers to the ability of milling cutters to maintain hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness at high temperatures.
  5. Good thermal shock resistance and thermophysical properties.
  6. Good workmanship. This refers to high temperature plastic deformation performance, forging performance, heat treatment performance and grinding performance, etc.
  7. Milling cutters are consumables and are in high demand. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the cost of milling cutters while ensuring the above characteristics.

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