Advantages and disadvantages of CNC precision machining

CNC machining is a machining method that has developed rapidly in recent years. The machine tool and the tool are controlled by the CNC program to process the workpiece. Let’s introduce the advantages and disadvantages of CNC machining and how to avoid these problems.

Advantages: It is suitable for processing products with larger size that cannot be completed by other ordinary models, suitable for processing high-precision parts for other ordinary processing, strong adaptability, and customized parts. The machining accuracy of CNC machining is ±0.01mm.

Disadvantages: CNC machine tools are expensive and require high levels of maintenance and practitioners.


There are also some problems caused by debugging the machine tool in CNC machining. Since the tool is not sharp enough, tool marks are produced after machining, resulting in insufficient surface finish. Because the knife is not sharp, the amount of knife is too much or the clamping

force is too large, the product is deformed. Clamping dents resulting from clamping or uncleaning of debris. Linear scratches caused by other sharp physical scratches on the surface of the product during processing.

Tolerance problems caused by insufficient clamping positioning. We need to select reasonable tools for reasonable clamping, clean the worktable before processing to export debris in time, and add condensate to avoid these problems and obtain high-quality and high-precision products.

Xavier has a number of precision CNC machine tools, good cutting tools, and excellent processing technology, which can meet the needs of customers and provide high-quality, high-speed, small-batch precision machining services.

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