How to improve the efficiency of CNC non-standard parts processing?

Reasonable arrangement of technological processes can improve the quality and efficiency of non-standard mechanical parts processing. The processing and production of non-standard parts in CNC processing plants has its own set of technological processes to improve processing efficiency. Mastering these technological processes can improve CNC processing efficiency.

NC programming is the basis of NC machining, and the quality of the workpiece machining program will directly affect the machining efficiency of the workpiece. The combination of inherent programs and automatic programming can be cleverly used to reduce the error of the numerical control system, flexibly use the main program, improve the programming speed, and simplify the machining tool path.

Adjust the machine tool and fixture in advance, and the relative position of the workpiece tool to obtain the required size. Do not try to cut repeatedly, measure the size, adjust the cutting edge of the tool, and cut the cutting, which is inefficient. When the axle rotates, the pulley is driven, and the pulley and the axle will slip. You can use a drill to make a hole on the axle to form an adsorption force to prevent slipping. The rotation efficiency of the bearing should be improved, and high-precision rolling bearings should be selected. Improve the accuracy of the parts matched with the bearing and improve the processing efficiency.

CNC Milling Parts

Modify the clamping tool, disassemble the jaws of the vise, flush the two steel plates with the jaws, process two threaded holes on the jaws and the steel plates, put a thick hard copper plate on them, and fix them on the jaws with screws to form a durable of soft jaws. This has the effect of protecting the workpiece. Typically, the workpiece is positioned first and then clamped. However, for workpieces with strong plasticity, clamping will lead to deformation of the workpiece. Therefore, for the workpiece with strong plasticity, we clamp it first and then position it to limit its freedom of movement.

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