Application of precision machining in mobile phone industry

In our daily life, mobile phones can be said to be a must-have electronic product for everyone. It plays a key role in our communication, and many parts in mobile phones are from precision machining. Today, I will take you to know more about mobile phones. What are the applications of precision machining in the manufacturing industry?

Precision Machining

Apple mobile phone can be said to be a very popular mobile phone brand at present, and Apple’s body is generally made of aluminum alloy frame, and whether it is 4s, or later 5s, 6, 6s are aluminum alloy bodies, and the aluminum alloy body is It is produced by precision machining with precision CNC lathes. The aluminum alloy casing of almost all brand mobile phones is made by precision machining, because this kind of casing is more beautiful, smooth and resistant to falling than ordinary casings.

So is only the mobile phone case related to precision machining? In fact, there are many parts that we can’t see that are inseparable from precision machining, such as the very small nuts in mobile phones, because these nuts are actually customized according to the needs of mobile phone manufacturers. There are almost no standards, and the precision requirements are very high, so almost all of them are produced by precision machining, and many parts such as pin pins in mobile phones are dependent on precision machining.

In fact, precision machining is very close to many things in our daily life, but we laymen can’t pay attention to it.

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