Analysis of precision factors in machining of mechanical parts

In fact, many factors have a great relationship with the machining of mechanical parts, because the mechanical parts are closely connected during the operation. Once a problem occurs, it is normal to directly affect the quality of the entire product, so a small matter should also be paid attention to. So, what factors are closely related to the precision of machining of mechanical parts?


The production of manufacturers is related to mechanical equipment, and with the help of machinery, our workload, effect, and speed are much faster. Although it is said that there is the help of the machine, the product quality requirements of customers are still so high. Of course, the precision of the processing technology is very high, such as the processing of precision mechanical parts.


When machining precision mechanical parts, CNC program-controlled contouring systems are widely used on milling machines, including simple, reliable, and inexpensive phase systems with extensive machining capabilities, which have been adopted by many factories, especially for controlling large three-dimensional profiles. Precision mechanical parts processing.

CNC precision parts processing

The correct preparation of the control program is an important condition to ensure the processing quality of precision mechanical parts. For the digital program-controlled phase system, the preparatory work for the program-controlled program control is done by using the automatic program-controlled program-controlled program control system, and the price of the program-controlled program control program is very important.

CNC precision parts


Other machining errors are caused by hand-controlled equipment, including accidental and systematic errors of the process system. System error is the main source of the entire machining error. For the machining of precision mechanical parts as a whole, a series of CNC machining system errors will occur. For example backlash, which results like insensitive belts in machine tool drive chains, but excluding reverse drive chain backlash; amplification factor for unstable gearing; phase errors on the control tape; periodic step instability in sensor feedback It is mainly manifested as unstable phase form.


This is what I want to remind everyone: if there is a problem, we must first find out the cause of the problem in order to better solve the problem. Otherwise, if the cause cannot be found, it will not only increase the difficulty of solving the problem, but if it is only a solution to some apparent problems, the problem will definitely recur in the short term. This article is here, if you want to know more information, please pay attention to the website for details.

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