The development trend of mechanical parts processing

What is machining of mechanical parts? In fact, it is a process of changing the size or performance of the workpiece with processing machinery. At normal temperature, the processing will not cause chemical or phase changes of the workpiece. It is cold working, and cutting and pressure processing are common. Processing in a state above or below normal temperature, which will cause chemical or phase changes, is thermal processing, such as heat treatment, forging, casting and welding. After decades of development, my country’s mechanical parts processing industry may present four major development trends in the future:

  1. The machine tool compound technology for mechanical parts processing is further expanded. With the advancement of CNC machine tool technology, compound machining technology is becoming more and more mature. Including turning-milling, milling-turning, turning-boring-drilling-gear machining and other compounding, turning-grinding compounding, forming compound machining, special compound machining, etc., the processing efficiency of precision mechanical partshas been doubled.Precision-mechanical-parts-processing
  2. The intelligent technology of CNC machine tools for CNC parts processing will have breakthrough progress, which is reflected in the performance of the CNC system. For example, the workpiece automatically exits the safe area after power failure, the power-off protection function, the processing parts detection and automatic compensation learning function, and the automatic adjustment interference and anti-collision function. The intelligence has improved the function of the machine tool, and there is also the application of thefive-axis linkage high-speed CNC machining center.
  3. The application of industrial robots in the processing of mechanical parts has become popular. Flexible combination is more efficient The flexible combination of robot and host has been widely used, making the flexible line more flexible, the function is further expanded, the flexible line is further shortened, and the efficiency is higher. Robots and machining centers, turning and milling compound machine tools, grinding machines, gear processing machine tools, tool grinding machines, electrical processing machine tools, sawing machines, stamping machine tools, laser processing machine tools, water jetting machine tools and other forms of flexible units and flexible production lines have begun to be applied.Mechanical-parts-processing
  4. The precision of precision mechanical parts processing technologyhas been continuously improved. The machining accuracy of the latest CNC metal cutting machine tools has been improved from the original wire level to the current micron level, and some varieties have reached about 0.0μm. For micro cutting and grinding of ultra-precision CNC machine tools, the accuracy can be stably about 0.0μm, and the shape accuracy can be about 0.0’μm. The precision of special processing using light, electricity, chemical and other energy sources can reach nanometer level. Through the optimization of machine tool structure design, the ultra-finishing and precision assembly of machine tool parts, the use of high-precision full-cycle control and dynamic error compensation technologies such as temperature and vibration, we have entered the era of sub-micron and nano-scale ultra-finishing.

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