Aluminum 6063 | AlMg0,7Si
Material type


Material name

Aluminum 6063 | AlMg0,7Si

Alternative names


Process compatibility

CNC machining

Mechanical properties

Ultimate tensile strength     110 – 300 MPa
Yield strength                         49 – 270 MPa
Young’s modulus
(modulus of elasticity)          68 – 69 GPa
Elongation at break               12 %
Hardness                                 25 – 95 HB

Thermal properties

Thermal expansion coefficent     23 – 25.6 10^-6/ºC
Thermal conductivity                   190 – 220 W/(m⋅°C)

Post treatments

Post-Processing                 Hot & Cold working, Aging,                                                 Hardening

Anodizing compatibility         Suitable

Physical properties

Corrosion resistance             High
Magnetism                              Non-magnetic
Weldability                               Good

Electrical properties

Electrical resistivity                 3.32 μΩ*cm

Common applications

Architectural products
Door and windows frames
Pipe and tubes for irrigation systems
Electrical components

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