CNC Machining Technology of Magnesium Alloy Auto Parts

With the advancement of science and technology in industrial development, the corrosion resistance of magnesium alloys has been solved. It greatly promotes the application of magnesium alloys in the automotive field. Magnesium alloys are mainly used to manufacture automobile wheel hubs, wheel centers, crankcases, transmission boxes, gearboxes, engine brackets, engine brackets and airframes. Due to cost and process difficulties, it cannot be used in a large area, and it is mainly concentrated on bracket parts.


The advantages of magnesium alloy bracket processing: using large automatic CNC machining center to process magnesium alloy bracket, magnesium alloy cutting performance is good, high cutting speed and large feed can be used for strong cutting, magnesium alloy bracket cutting power consumption is lower than other metals, Coupled with the fast CNC machining efficiency, the machining cost can be reduced.

Due to the good thermal conductivity of magnesium alloys, the heat generated by processing friction will diffuse rapidly, so processing magnesium alloys will not generate high temperatures and will not be distorted.


The machining process of magnesium alloy brackets is difficult; during CNC finishing of magnesium alloys, the generated chips and powders will have the danger of combustion and explosion. Because the fine chips and powders produced in the finishing stage have a large surface area, it is easy to reach the ignition point and cause accidents. During processing, the relationship between processing speed and cutting efficiency should be controlled to avoid explosion, keep the ambient temperature not too high, and the tool residence time should not be too long during processing, and use special magnesium alloy cutting fluid for processing. Take fire-fighting measures in the work area.

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