What are the requirements for CNC machining of bearing parts?

Bearings are common and important parts in the automotive industry, which can support transmission components and transmit torque. Generally, CNC machining centers are used to process bearing parts. So what are the processing requirements of bearing parts?


The CNC machining requirements of the bearing are as follows:

Machining ensures the diameter and geometric shape accuracy of the bearing; the bearing journal and cooperating journal are very important, to ensure that its diameter accuracy is between IT5-IT9, and the geometric shape accuracy should ensure that its accuracy is higher than the diameter accuracy.

CNC machining tolerance accuracy is small; the accuracy of the shaft is determined, to ensure that the tolerance between the bearing and the shaft is 0.01-0.03mm, and the high-precision bearing tolerance is 0.001-0.005mm.


The processing surface roughness is high; because the automobile engine parts require high precision and fast working speed, etc., the surface roughness requirements of the bearing are also high. The surface roughness is generally 0.16-0.63um.

Bearing material, blank and heat treatment issues; the commonly used material for bearings is 45 steel, and after heat treatment, normalizing, annealing, and quenching processes, the strength, hardness, wear resistance and toughness of the parts will be improved.

For bearings with high rotational speed, alloy structural steel is used. After heat treatment, it will improve the wear resistance and improve the mechanical properties of the material.

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