Lean machining of precision mechanical parts

The lean production of precision mechanical parts processing plants was originally designed for the processing needs of individualized mechanical parts of various varieties and small batches, and generally has the characteristics of “just-in-time” and “intelligent automation”. For a long period of time, the ability to engage in lean precision machining has become one of the symbols of the strength of precision machine parts processing plants.

precision mechanical parts processing

So far, the lean production of precision machinery parts processing plants has evolved into a lean management concept and method involving the entire value chain of marketing, R&D, supply chain, production, process and even entrepreneurship, which has driven the transformation of the machinery parts processing industry and achieved The rapid improvement of quality, efficiency and response speed, the ideas, methods and tools of “creating value and eliminating waste” that she pursues have promoted the optimal allocation of production resources, which has spread from the hardware parts processing and manufacturing industry to the service industry.

Unfortunately, lean has not been effectively implemented in many mechanical parts processing enterprises in China. Most of them gave up halfway because they were eager for quick success and lack of experience and methods to introduce them. In the machinery parts processing industry, the average inventory turnaround time is 51 days, compared with 8 days in the United States; in the textile and apparel industry, the average inventory turnaround time for Chinese companies is 120 days. That is, even with the same profit margin, the ROI will be low.

The manufacturing of intelligent mechanical parts cannot be built on this inefficient production model. Lean is the first step that must be taken, and it is the path with the highest return on investment. Because there is almost no need for additional investment in precision mechanical parts processing plants, just reconfiguring production resources on the existing basis can yield unimaginable returns. The successful implementation of lean machining of mechanical parts is not difficult, the key lies in the determination of the majority of precision mechanical parts processing plants and the change of management concepts.

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