Integration method of integrating robots and CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools
CNC machine tools

The integration methods of robots and CNC machine tools are roughly as follows:
(1) Work island: A single robot processes a single CNC machine tool online, and a single robot processes multiple CNC machine tools online.
(2) Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS): Through the industrial Ethernet bus, multiple robots, multiple CNC machine tools and their auxiliary equipment are networked and organized to perform orderly and automatic production according to the beat.
(3) Digital workshop: With the help of CADCAM CAPPSMES auxiliary production tools, logistics technology and sensing technology, it has the functions of production process monitoring, real-time feedback of online faults, machining process data management, tool information management, equipment maintenance data management, product information recording and other functions. Online processing of robots and CNC machine tools meets the needs of unmanned processing and realizes the production planning, operation coordination integration and optimized operation of the processing system.
(4) Smart factory: The database of the information management system can interface with various external information systems through gateways, connect the workshop to the ERP system, query the production status of the workshop, and realize the allocation of enterprise resources; with the help of it and the email platform, you can send messages to Administrators can report equipment failures, production progress and other information in real time.
This enables factory robots to communicate information with CNC machine tools and processed parts. And operate automatically to realize an unmanned factory.

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