Rich experience and technology are used in a wide range of industries
Xavier is an experienced manufacturer of custom machined parts. Our products serve enterprises in 20+ countries worldwide, including low-light infrared, photoelectric rangefinder, aircraft seat, avionics and high-speed rail Information, new energy vehicles, oil and gas electronic valve body, pneumatic & hydraulic solenoid valve, high-speed turbine blower, turbine water pump, medical testing equipment, semiconductor and automatic manufacturing, intelligence Energy agriculture, smart home appliances, smart wear. According to the parts processing technology characteristics of different industries, we are divided into optics, fluid control, transportation, intelligent manufacturing, 5G life 5 business units, for your needs to match professional technology and life production services, according to the demand to customize the best manufacturing solutions.

Cases of machined parts for vehicles

The transportation manufacturing department is mainly equipped with 3/4 axis CNC Milling, 3/4 axis CNC turning, Horizontal CNC Milling and other equipment. Aircraft seats, motorcycle and automobile engine motors, high-speed rail fasteners in large batches, mainly by forging/die-casting/casting wool embryo secondary machining. Automatic clamping, automatic detection, online quality data query, CPK data automatic detection and traceability are the core competitiveness of supply chain in transportation industry.

Good projects: 
Airplane seat  Car engine prototype  
Avionics control instruments  New energy vehicle motor  
Helicopter engine  Motorcycle engine  
High-speed communication  Electric motorcycle motor & wheel hub  
High-speed WIFI   

EO/IR Sensors Machined Parts cases

Optical manufacturing department is equipped with high-precision CNC turning milling and multi-axis milling equipment, and optical parts have high requirements, excellent size to improve assembly efficiency, coaxial and straightness to shorten the crosshair correction time, lens barrel coarse &glossiness is critical to affect the imaging effect. As a professional optical components manufacturer we provide manufacturing technical support and complete quality test reports

Good projects: 
CCTV CameraPortable Night Vision
EO/IR CameraFire Control Sights Systems
Weapon SightsTarget Acquisition & Tracking
UAV SurveillanceSurveillance and Reconnaissance
Field Surveillance 

Intelligent manufacturing machined parts cases

  • Most of the intelligent manufacturing department with 3/4 axis milling and 3/4 axis turning. Mainly serve automation equipment, parts materials are widely used copper/aluminum/steel/stainless steel /POM, most parts structure processing is mainly two-dimensional, processing involves wire cutting/EDM/grinding/hobbing/heat treatment, etc., perfect auxiliary processing technology is conducive to achieve fast delivery.
  • 4/6 axis articulated arm robot/Semiconductor equipment/Non-standard automation/Intelligent agriculture/medical/reducer/gear

Cases of fluid control machined parts

Fluid control manufacturing department CNC processing equipment has been compound 4/5/6 axis CNC turning milling equipment, valve body & valve core processing mainly to cross hole edge burr, shaft hole coaxial, shaft runout, high surface roughness, μ M tolerance as the core, from the processing sequence and process to avoid multiple clamping and other bad risks, one-time clamping complete add, Drilling/honing/fluid polishing/plasma polishing/passivation for demanding holes.

Good projects: 
High speed turbine blade   Industrial electronic spool  
Turbo-blower    Pneumatic solenoid valve  
Turbine water pump    Hydraulic solenoid valve  
Industrial electronic valves The motor shaft
   gear shaft

Cases of 5G life machining parts

  • 5 g manufacturing mainly by high speed 3/4 axis milling and 3 axis turning device is given priority to, in intelligent home, intelligent wear, we mainly sail afraid of photography is given priority to, mainly in the service of consumer electronic products, product upgrading faster, high production limitation, parts material how to aluminum/aluminum/aluminum forging/aluminum die casting, stainless steel, high surface treatment required style, colour is sensitive, High quality looks are especially important.
  • Good projects: Electric tools /Smart appliances /Smart wear /Shooting yuntai/Aerial drone
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Advanced Encryption Standard

Xavier use (Advanced Encryption Standard,AES) to fully guarantee the security of files uploaded by our customers.