The method of improving the precision of CNC vertical machining center

The centerline of the spindle of the CNC vertical machining center is set in a vertical state, and there are two types of structures, such as fixed column type and mobile column type.

Advantages: Small footprint, simple structure, relatively low price, convenient clamping operation, simple debugging procedure, and wide application range. It is more suitable for machining workpieces with relatively small dimensions in the height direction.

As a high-precision and efficient processing equipment, how to improve the accuracy of CNC vertical machining center?

CNC Vertical Machining Center

1.The error synthesis method is the main method to ensure the machining accuracy of the workpiece to eliminate the errors of the machine tool itself. The error synthesis method requires measuring the original errors of each axis of the machine tool. Laser interferometer is the main detection instrument because of its high measurement accuracy and flexible use.

2.The error compensation method is to artificially create an error to offset the original error inherent in the process system, or use one original error to offset another original error, and then achieve the purpose of workpiece machining accuracy. Generally, by reducing the gap of the machine tool, improving the rigidity of the machine tool, and selecting a preload, the preload force is generated by the relevant cooperation, and the effect of the gap is eliminated. It can also improve the rigidity of the workpiece and the tool and reduce the overhang length of the tool and the workpiece to improve the rigidity of the process system. It is also possible to choose reasonable clamping methods and processing methods, reduce cutting force and its changes, reasonably select tool materials, increase rake angle and main declination angle, and conduct reasonable heat treatment on workpiece materials to improve the processing performance of materials, etc. Several ways.

3.The method of directly reducing the original error means to try to eliminate or reduce it directly after identifying the primary original error element that affects the machining accuracy.

4.The error uniformity method is to use the closely related surfaces to compare and correct each other, or use the mutual benchmark for processing, in order to achieve the purpose of eliminating processing errors.

5.The essence of the error transfer method is the induction error caused by the mobilization error, stress deformation and thermal deformation of the transfer process system.

6.Error grouping method, because of the existence of blank errors in the process, the processing errors of this process are formed. The change of the blank error has two main effects on the process: reaction error and positioning error.

Mastering some methods to improve the accuracy of CNC vertical machining centers is an indispensable operating skill for operators. I hope this article will be helpful to you.

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