Methods to Improve Surface Quality of CNC Machining Parts

1.Adopt a better CNC machining program

Optimizing the CNC machining program to provide better CNC data for machining can better improve the quality. Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machining not only requires operators to have a higher level of operation in the processing of parts, but also requires a higher level of programming and process analysis. In order to ensure the machining accuracy, it is necessary to optimize and simplify the program in order to improve the production efficiency.


2.Use new high-efficiency tools

The efficiency and performance of CNC machining are inseparable from the tool. For the processing of precision parts with high precision requirements, not only should we pay attention to the perfect process flow, but also need to select and use new high-efficiency tools. Today’s tool optimization design can use new tool concepts to more reasonably solve the problems of machining safety, precision, surface roughness, high-speed cutting, and the ability to optimize cutting paths.


3.Correctly choose the cutting method

When using a CNC milling machine, there are two methods: down milling and up milling. The finishing effect of down milling is better than that of up milling. Therefore, in the processing of parts, when conditions permit, try to choose down milling to improve the surface quality of the parts. In the turning of shaft parts, it is also necessary to select the same turning tool as much as possible for the processing of different journals, so that the marks caused by the tool can be better reduced.


4.Reasonable design of cut-in and cut-out routes

When using CNC machining to process parts, the cut-in and cut-out route should be designed to optimize the cutting angle of the machine tool. In order to achieve the effect of reducing knife marks and ensure that the quality of the surface is not affected, it is necessary to plan the cutting of the knife. The entry point of the tool is mainly from the peripheral extension of the part, thus ensuring a smooth contoured surface. The cutting tool should choose a small feed rate as much as possible, so that it can keep cutting at a slow speed, so as to make the cutting smooth transition, so as to ensure the cutting quality.

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