How to reduce mistakes in CNC machining customization

Here are some CNC machining tips to help customers minimize errors and ECOs. With more than 10 years of CNC machining customization experience, we not only help customers get the right precision part the first time, we also help customers go from first prototype all the way to mass production as seamlessly as possible.

Precision parts processing

Hole diameter and location: The hole diameter should be as large as possible than the sheet thickness. Don’t put holes too close to edges or bends. A hole too close to the edge will destroy the strength of the chip. During bending, locations that are too close to the bend may deform beyond tolerance.

CNC precision parts processing

Tolerance: In CNC machining customization, precision parts are designed with enough overlap so that they can be properly aligned by hardware mating. Especially if there is secondary processing, such as powder coating or painting, there is usually little difference in the final product due to its smaller thickness. Precision parts with the same tolerance may look fine in the model, but in reality, if they end up on different ends of the spectrum, they may not connect properly or at all.

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