How does CNC milling achieve nano-mirror machining?

The mirror surface machining system is a system for shaping a rotating tool, and mirror surface processing can be achieved by cnc machining using the shaped tool. Makino iQ series machine tools equipped with this system can perform ultra-high-precision and ultra-high surface quality processing. The surface roughness of the finishing machine can reach Ra10nm, which greatly reduces the polishing time and avoids the optical curved surface caused by manual polishing in the traditional processing technology. In the case of distortion, it is very suitable for optical mold processing in 3C and automotive lighting industries.
1. Mirror processing system realizes tool shaping effect
1) Improve the radial runout accuracy of the tool
Due to the runout accuracy of the tool holder and the tool holder itself and the errors that occur when installing the tool, there is a certain runout of the tool in the traditional machining. The trimming of the mirror cnc milling processing system can improve the actual clamping caused by the precision of the tool holder and the tool. tool runout problem.
2) Improve the shape accuracy of the tool
For the tool with poor sphericity, especially the tool that wears out after machining for a period of time, the mirror machining system can improve the sphericity of the tool.
metal mirror
3) Improve the surface roughness of the tool
For tools with poor surface roughness, the shaping function can improve the surface roughness.
2. The composition of the mirror processing system
The mirror machining system consists of functional programs, tool shaping device, calibration grinding wheel, GC reference grinding wheel, tool shaping device lubricator, high-precision workpiece automatic measuring device, and tool shape measuring device.
1) Functional program: NC program to realize the cooperation of tool, tool shaping device, workpiece automatic measuring device and tool shape measuring device
2) Tool shaping device: calibration device, grinding and dressing the tool
3) Calibrate grinding wheel: use for dressing tools
4) GC reference grinding wheel: dressing and calibration grinding wheel
5) Tool dressing device lubricator: lubricate the grinding wheel and tool when dressing
6) High-precision workpiece automatic measuring device: used to detect the diameter and runout of the grinding wheel
7) Automatic tool shape measuring device: used to measure GC reference grinding wheels and tools
3. Features of mirror cnc milling processing system
The mirror machining system can improve the tool runout, sphericity and surface roughness, and improve the surface quality of tool machining. The dressing function of the tool can realize the multiple use of the tool, which greatly reduces the cost of tool use. With Makino iQ series machine tools, high-quality mirror processing can be achieved and polishing time can be reduced.

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