Harmful factors encountered in mechanical processing

1.physical harmful factors. The moving part of the machine tool; the moving tool during processing and the hoisted blank or workpiece; flying chips; burrs, sharp edges and corners of the workpiece; fragments of the tool or grinding wheel; high temperatures on the surface of the workpiece and tool; possible Static electricity and high-voltage electricity short-circuited through the human body; excessive dust content and harmful gas content in the workshop air; excessive noise and vibration; insufficient lighting in the work area; direct glare and reflected glare or excessive light pulsation, etc.

2.chemical harmful factors. Harmful volatile substances produced when certain plastics and polymeric materials are heated during processing; petroleum aerosols contained in cooling lubricants and cleaning fluids, etc.

3.biological harmful factors. Pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria in lubricating fluids.

4.physiological harmful factors. Excessive fatigue caused by excessive labor and mismatch between man and machine when loading and unloading large-sized workpieces.

5.psychological harmful factors. Lack of concentration, or excessive mental stress, etc.

6.management harmfulfactors. Workshop management is chaotic, items are piled up in disorder, safety education is lacking, labor protection equipment is not worn as required, etc.


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