Grinding method of parallel surfaces


There are three commonly used parallel surface grinding methods:

  1. Transverse grinding method: When the longitudinal stroke of the workbench ends, the grinding wheel spindle or the workbench makes a transverse feed. At this time, the thickness of the metal layer ground by the grinding wheel is the actual grinding depth, and the grinding width is equal to the transverse feed amount. After the first layer of metal on the workpiece is ground, the grinding wheel feeds vertically again, and then grinds the second layer of metal according to the above process until the required size is reached.
  2. Deep grinding method. Generally, the grinding wheel only makes two vertical feeds in the deep grinding method. The first vertical feed amount is equal to the entire margin of rough grinding. When the longitudinal stroke of the workbench ends, the entire surface of the workpiece is roughened. The remaining gold part is polished until all is finished. The second vertical feed amount is equal to the fine grinding allowance.
  3. Step grinding method The step grinding method is to dress the grinding wheel into a stepped shape according to the size of the grinding allowance of the workpiece, so that the entire allowance can be ground away in one vertical feed.

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