Five-axis CNC machining in the automotive industry

Due to the complex and precise requirements placed on the automotive industry, multi-axis manufacturing of automotive parts must be met. To avoid various machine tool setups, 5-axis CNC machining is essential. Using multi-axis fabrication, complex geometries can be easily fabricated from a single machine through different axis fabrication. 5-axis CNC auto machining allows the machine to remain tangent to the workpiece and then quickly plunge into multiple axes. Although the initial setup cost of such a system is higher than a single-axis CNC setup, in the long run it benefits from shorter turnaround times and high-precision cutting.

CNC Wheels

1.Auto parts and CNC

CNC is now a widely used method in automobile manufacturing and is widely implemented in some basic elements of different automobiles.


The gearbox is a vital transmission mechanism in a car. The gearbox ensures that the power of the engine is transmitted correctly and efficiently to the wheels. Today, all gears and shafts in transmissions are precisely manufactured by CNC machines. A variety of different CNC techniques such as milling, turning and surface grinding ensure that the shafts and gears within the transmission are reliable, precise and transmit power in the most efficient way possible.

3.Drive shaft

The driveshaft is also an important transmission mechanism that transmits power from the gearbox and engine to the wheels. The two main hypoid gears on the central shaft of the drive shaft had to be CNC machined to provide the highest precision. The CNC machine also machines the bevel gears present in the differential to provide a smooth ride and stability.

4.Headlights and Taillights

With many top automakers coming up with complex headlight and taillight designs, there is no other way than CNC to find the best match. Manufacturers are able to carve complex shapes out of solid blocks, so manufacturers can create clear, smooth headlight and taillight complex shapes for excellent light transmission.


CNC cars have revolutionized how we think about cars and how they are built. Starting with the number of vehicles per model in the 50s, automakers can now build the same number of cars due to the repetitive manufacturing nature of CNC machines. This is because the level of perfection offered by CNC manufacturing in the automotive industry is unmatched by any other manufacturing method.

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