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Aluminum & magnesium chemical transformation film

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    • Chemical conversion film of aluminum and aluminum alloy (MIL- DTL-5541F) is in oxidizing chemical conversion solution, the process in which the surface of aluminum reacts with the chemical oxidizer in the chemical conversion solution to form a chemical conversion film.

    • Chemical conversion film of magnesium and magnesium alloy (AMS-M-3171) is chemically or electrochemically treated to form an insoluble film with good adhesion, which is composed of oxide, chromium, phosphide and some other compounds.This film can protect the substrate and metal materials from corrosive environment, but also improve the adhesion of the coating film.

    Type of chemical transformation film for CNC machining parts

    • Aluminum and aluminum alloy chemical conversion coating (reference standard MIL-DTL-5541F)
    TypesMaximum machining size(cm)Xavier
    Type IContains hexavalent chromium
    Type IIFree of hexavalent chromium
    Class 1AFor sprayed or unsprayed products requiring optimum corrosion resistance
    Class 3Used for antisepsis of products requiring low resistance
    • Chemical transformation coating of magnesium and magnesium alloy (AMS-M-3171)
    Type Ichromate treatment 
    Type IIdichromate treatment 
    Type IIIElectrochemical anodic oxidation treatment 
    Type IVChromic acid coating brush treatment
    Type VFluorine anodic oxidation process with anti-corrosion treatment 
    Type VIChromic acid passivation treatment

    The Xavier`s Chemical conversion membrane technology capability

    • Substrate: aluminum and aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy
    • Reference Standard: MIL-DTL-5541F, AMS-M-3171
    • Test method: salt spray test, wet tape adhesion test, surface resistance test (for Class 3 coating only)
    TypeAluminum alloy dichromate treatmentAluminum alloy environmental protection passivationMagnesium alloy treated with dichromateMagnesium alloy environmental protection passivation
    Maximum machining size60*50*100230*45*11040*20*4040*20*40
    Maximum weight per piece403001010
    ColourLight yellow, golden yellowOff-white Golden yellow, rainbowOff-white 
    EnvironmentNon environmental protectionenvironmental protectionNon environmental protectionenvironmental protection

    CNC machining part oxidation case


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