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CNC Machined Parts Electroless Nickel Surface Treatment

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    • Electroless nickel deposition is a process for the co-deposition of nickel-phosphorus alloys without the need for an applied electric current.
    • Instead of depositing ions from an applied current, this electroless nickel process chemically reduces nickel ions to the metal substrate in an electroless nickel solution. Therefore, the electroless nickel layer does not suffer from many of the problems associated with conventional electrolytic nickel, such as edge build-up and coating non-uniformity. The electroless nickel layer is very uniform, resistant to corrosion and corrosion, and has excellent lubricating properties.

    Types of Electroless Nickel for CNC machined parts

    TypesPhosphorus content(%, Weight) Xavier
    Type INo requirement 
    Type II1-3 Ultra low phosphorus 
    Type III2-4 low phosphorus 
    Type IV5-9 middle phosphorus
    Type V≥10 high phosphorus

    Classification of CNC machined parts after plating

    ClassesDescription Temperature(℃)Baking time(h)Xavier
    1Plating, without heat treatment
    2Maximum hardness for heat treatment   
    TYPE I26020
    TYPE II350-3801
    TYPE III360-3901
    TYPE IV365-4001
    TYPE V375-4001
    3Bonding force on steel180-200 2-4
    4Adhesion between carburized steel and aged hard aluminum120-130 1-6
    5Bonding force on beryllium and aluminum140-150 1-2
    6 Bonding force on titanium300-3201-4

    The use environment of each film thickness coating after surface treatment of CNC machined parts

    Service conditionsMini Plating SpecFilm Thickness(μm) Use Environment
    SC0Mini Thickness0.1In special environments,required to block diffusion
    SC1light service5Lubrication and wear under light loads, corrosion protection at room temperature
    SC2mild service13Exposure to dry or oily industrial environments
    SC3moderate service25Non-marine outdoor exposure, high temperature alkaline salt environments and moderately abrasive environments
    SC4hard service75Acid solution, high temperature and pressure, very severe abrasion and marine immersion environment


    CNC machined parts electroless nickel cases


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