The perfect appearance of the parts shows Xavier's superb metal surface treatment technology.

Stainless steel CNC machining parts passivation & electrolytic polishing

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    • Principle of stainless steel passivation Passivation is a method to change the metal surface into a state that is not easy to be oxidized and slow down the corrosion rate of the metal. Metal corrosion products generated as a result of the action of medium if has compact structure, forming a layer of thin film, tightly covered on the surface of metal, change the surface state of metal, the metal electrode potential jump towards is greatly, and become the passivity of the corrosion, and shows the corrosion resistance performance of precious metals, this layer is called passivation film.
    • Principle of stainless steel electrolytic polishing Stainless steel electropolishing is mainly aimed at the surface bright treatment of stainless steel workpiece. The workpiece is cast as the anode, insoluble metal as the cathode, both poles are immersed in the electrolytic cell at the same time, through direct current to produce selective anodic dissolution, the workpiece surface gradually leveled, so as to achieve the effect of increasing the surface brightness of the workpiece.

    Description of type: (Reference standard: ASTM A967)

    • Stainless steel nitric acid passivation type
    TypesSolution (volume percentage)solution temperature(℃)Minimum immersion time(min)Xavier
    Nitric 1 20% -25% nitric acid and 2.5% + 0.5% of the heavy inscription acid sodium (environmental protection)50-5520
    Nitric 220%-45% nitric acid20-3030
    Nitric 320%-25% nitric acid50-6020
    Nitric 445%-55% nitric acid50-5530
    • Stainless steel citric acid passivation type
    TypesSolution (volume percentage)solution temperature(℃)Minimum immersion time(min)Xavier
    Citric 14%-10%citric acid60-714
    Citric 24%-10%citric acid49-6010
    Citric 34%-10%citric acid20-4920

    Stainless steel passivation & electrolytic polishing ability

    stypeNitric acid passivation、Citric acid passivationElectrolyte polishing
    base materialStainless steel series300 series stainless steel
    standardASTN A967GB/T 20016
    Maximum machining size(cm)100*45*80100*45*80
    Unit Max Weight(kg)8050
    colournatural colorgloss white 
    test methodBoiling water test, wet cloth test, temperature experiment, the water immersion test, salt spray test, humid copper sulfate test experimentdimensional gauging,Appearance instrumentation

    Roughness change of stainless steel electropolishing

    Before electropolishing: roughness distribution in 1.0-3.0um. After electropolishing: roughness distribution within 0.3um. The size of electrolytic polishing will only be reduced, and the range of reduction is uncertain. The size of products with better roughness will be thrown off within 10um, and those with larger roughness will be thrown off dozens of um. 

    Passivation for stainless steel

    Electrolytic polishing of stainless steel


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