Two key factors in the effect of anodizing

In anodizing, if you want to get a good oxidation effect, then there are some key factors and aspects, and only by controlling and handling these well, it is possible to achieve the above purpose. Therefore, next, we may wish to conduct specific discussions and explanations on these key factors or aspects, so that everyone can clearly understand and thus achieve the expected goals.

In anodizing, if, at the beginning, the voltage value is too high, plus the heat generated when the oxide film is formed. Then, the film quality will be greatly reduced. The resulting oxide film is too soft and has poor surface gloss. In form, it cannot be formed well, and it is in powder form. However, if the voltage is too small, the thickness of the oxide film will be too thin, and the wear resistance will be poor.

Aluminum anodizing

The treatment time of anodizing should also be strictly controlled, because if the time becomes longer, the thickness of the oxide film will increase. However, after a certain level, the thickness will not increase. In this case, if the time is further extended, the opposite effect will be produced, and the hardness of the film will be lowered on the contrary.

The stirring speed of the oxidation treatment solution is closely related to the quality of the oxide film produced by anodization. Therefore, the stirring speed of the solution should be increased as much as possible on the premise that the proper tightness between the parts and the fixture can be ensured. However, some other factors should also be considered to make the stirring speed suitable and obtain a good quality oxide film.

The above two key and important factors are proposed, elaborated, and discussed in detail. The ideal oxidation effect, thereby ensuring the quality of the oxide film produced.

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