Reasons for aluminum shell breakage during CNC machining

With more and more attention paid to industrialization, the processing and use of aluminum casings are more widespread. For example, electronic products, electrical appliances and other fields that we often come into contact with need to use aluminum casings. Then go back to the processing of the aluminum casing. During the cnc machining, the aluminum casing is occasionally found to be broken. Today we will analyze this problem.

Aluminum processing

First of all, the first and most direct reason is that the aluminum casing itself has certain quality problems. For example, the high temperature in the extrusion production process reduces its strength and causes cracks. Or if the extrusion speed is too fast, the tensile force on the metal surface will increase, which will also lead to cracks. Of course, there are also reasons such as improper time control, which can also cause cracks.

Aluminum shell processing

Second, our misuse of the aluminum case can also cause it to break. The most common ones are uneven force during use, excessive force at a certain force point, etc. Of course, if the thickness of the aluminum casing is too thin, it will break if it cannot meet the strength requirements of its use scene, or the aluminum casing without anti-corrosion treatment will also break when used in a corrosive environment.

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