Differences in status of T4/T5/T6 aluminum profiles

We often see that the material column is marked with 6063-T5/T6, or 6061-T4, etc. The 6063 or 6061 in this mark is the grade of the aluminum profile, and T4/T5/T6 is the status of the aluminum profile. So what’s the difference between them?

  1. The T4 state is: solution treatment + natural aging, that is, the aluminum profile is cooled after being extruded from the extruder, but is not put into an aging furnace for aging. The hardness of the unaged aluminum profile is relatively low and the deformability is relatively good. Suitable for later deformation processing such as bending.
  2. The T5 state is: solution treatment + incomplete artificial aging, that is, after extrusion, it is air-cooled and quenched, and then transferred to an aging furnace and kept at about 200 degrees for 2-3 hours. The state of the aluminum material after it is released. Aluminum in this state has relatively high hardness and has a certain deformability.
  3. The T6 state is: solid solution treatment + complete artificial aging, that is, it is water-cooled and quenched after extrusion. The artificial aging after quenching is higher than the T5 temperature and the holding time is longer, thereby achieving a higher hardness state. Its adaptability Suitable for occasions where the material hardness is required to be relatively high.

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