What is the difference between CNC machining and die casting of aluminum housing?

Those who have been exposed to the processing of aluminum casings will understand that there are two processing techniques in the manufacturing industry, namely CNC machining and die-casting processing, both of which are technologies for processing raw materials into expected commodities. Different models of products have different requirements for aluminum casings. It is mainly reflected in the appearance and specification requirements. What is the difference between CNC machining and die casting of aluminum casing?

CNC machining of aluminum shell


Different processing methods of CNC machining and die-casting of aluminum shell:


CNC machining of aluminum casing refers to CNC machining of precision machining under computer numerical control. Under this processing technology, the aluminum shell can achieve some very special and complex surface treatments, such as beveling, non-penetrating pattern or texture engraving, punching at the bend of the aluminum shell, non-planar surface treatment, etc. It can be said that even The most demanding and difficult details can also be done under the handle of CNC machining. The application of this technology is often unavoidable for manufacturers who have individual and very high demands on the machining and customization of aluminum enclosures.

The die casting process refers to the use of a mold cavity to apply high pressure to molten metal to form a surface effect similar to that of a mold. Some simple stamping and patterning can be done under the die casting process. Compared with CNC machining, the cost is lower, but very complex surface treatment is not possible.

The biggest difference between CNC machining of aluminum casing and die casting is the machining method. It can also be seen from the above content that if you want to produce and process a qualified aluminum casing, you need to select the corresponding processing technology according to its production needs. At the same time, production costs must also be taken into account. When both processes are feasible, we naturally choose the more convenient and beneficial process.

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