Two methods to solve the deformation of aluminum profiles

1.Heat treatment

For the production of aluminum alloy parts that are very complicated to process and process, the method of initial processing, then heat treatment, and then deep processing can be selected. For aluminum alloy parts with complicated structure and high precision requirements, the heat treatment process can be allocated after initial processing. In addition, the anti-aging heat treatment process can be allocated after deep processing, so as to avoid the occurrence of aluminum alloy parts in the whole process of placement, installation and application. Mild spec shift.

Aluminum profile processing

2.Cold treatment

The key cold treatment methods for processing deformation of aluminum profiles are vibration aging and artificial cold calibration. Vibration aging is the use of mechanical equipment to make aluminum alloy parts vibrate, and the ground stress in the whole process of vibration is enough to relax or spread again to achieve stable specifications. Compared with heat treatment, vibration aging has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, short cycle time and inferior cost.

Artificial cold calibration means that after the parts are deformed, the parts are manually calibrated, and the external force is released incorrectly on the aluminum alloy parts to achieve the purpose of releasing the thermal stress.




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