How to reasonably control the CNC machining speed

With the passage of time and the development of the manufacturing industry, CNC machining, as one of them, is experiencing rapid development. While continuously improving efficiency, the machining speed of CNC should be reasonably controlled, otherwise it will cause the opposite effect. How to control the CNC machining speed reasonably?

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1.Flexible acceleration and deceleration

When using CNC for processing, the system will automatically control the speed under normal circumstances. In such a scenario, we can reasonably modify the acceleration and deceleration characteristics of the system to achieve the best deceleration performance.

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2.Flexible automatic acceleration

In CNC machining, the acceleration curve is set, and the analytical and non-analytical curves are placed in the curve library in the form of a number table.

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3.Flexible automatic deceleration

Reasonable automatic deceleration plays a very important role in the control of CNC machining speed, and the acceleration control is placed in the curve library in the form of a number table.

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