What is the difference between CNC machining and casting

There are two common production processes: one is casting and the other is CNC machining. So, which of the two is better?

The workpiece obtained by the casting process is a workpiece without surface material removal, which is not only rough in surface, but also inaccurate in size. Generally used for machining blanks that do not require high precision, it is a relatively economical blank forming technology. The more complex the shape of the parts, the more economical it is. For example, the cylinder head and block of an automobile engine, and some parts are difficult to cut, such as nickel-based alloy parts for steam turbines, which cannot be formed without casting.


CNC machining is a numerical control machine tool that removes the surface material of the workpiece. Its technology is relatively advanced, the machining accuracy is higher, and the machining quality is more stable. It can also process parts with complex shapes. When you want to process parts by changing, you generally only need to Changing the CNC system program on the computer can save a lot of production technology preparation time. The CNC machine tool itself has high precision and high rigidity. You can also choose a favorable processing amount. The machine tool has high productivity and high degree of automation, which reduces labor on the one hand. Strength, on the one hand, the quality of operators is relatively high, and the technical requirements for maintenance personnel are also high.

CNC machining

Casting parts and CNC machining parts are only different in processing methods and processes. In fact, there is no difference between the two. Which processing method is used depends on the processing material and the product itself. No matter which processing method is used, it is for the purpose of processing high-quality products.











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