Why are CNC lathes suitable for mass production?

Product Description

The machine type automatic lathe can simultaneously complete the complex processing of turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, and engraving. The processing efficiency and precision of the centering machine lathe are much higher than those of the traditional CNC machine tools. The high-precision feed system guarantees the high rigidity of the CNC lathe of the centering machine. The CNC lathe with centering machine is equipped with a spindle oil cooling system and a high-end motor. The cooling oil can be matched with the spindle to form an oil-cooling circuit to ensure stable and long-lasting operation of the centering machine tool at room temperature. With dual-axis arrangement of tools, the machining cycle is greatly shortened. Free time can be saved by shortening the tool change time between the gang and the opposing tool station. The CNC lathe can also be equipped with an automatic feeding device, so that a single machine tool can achieve fully automatic manufacturing. In this way, labor costs and product defect rates are reduced. Ideal for mass production of precision shaft parts.


What is a CNC lathe?

The heart-moving lathe is also known as the heart-moving CNC lathe, or the heart-moving automatic lathe. Traditional lathes work by moving the tool, and parts are machined by rotating the spindle and moving the tool in all directions.

Swiss CNC automatic lathe

The CNC lathe does not need to rotate and switch the tool, just move the workpiece up and down. Part machining can be carried out by the rotation and movement of the spindle, and the material can be fed multiple times. Compared with the traditional lathe, the center guide lathe can produce precision machined parts by using the center guide bush, which has great advantages in the processing of slender shaft parts.

CNC lathe

The center guide sleeve can move and switch in various directions according to the position or direction of Z2, X2, and C2. The main function is to perform material splicing and auxiliary processing on the spindle. Subsequent machining of some parts requires corresponding tool holder machining on the sub-spindle, and the control channel used is separate from the main shaft, so that the sub-spindle and the main shaft will not interfere with each other. In actual processing, two spindles are used at the same time, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.


What are the advantages of a walking machine lathe?

1.Continuous processing

Usually, the maximum headstock travel of the centering machine lathe is more than 200mm. If the part length is 5mm, the centering machine lathe can process 20-30 parts continuously in one clamping.

2.High stiffness

When turning, the automatic lathe holds the material in the nearest position. So the stiffness is very good. Imagine this situation if the lathe clamps the part and the tool is machining the part a few millimeters away from the fixture. How rigid is it?

3.One-time processing

The automatic lathe with a centering machine has both CNC turning and milling service functions, and the complexity of one processing is also better than that of the old automatic lathe. Since the spindle Z can move back and forth, the tool can also move in the X and Y directions, so that the centering machine lathe can realize three-dimensional processing and complete the processing at one time.

CNC lathe with centering machine


What are the limitations of a walking machine type automatic lathe?

The biggest limitation of a walking-type automatic lathe is the diameter of the bar. At present, the largest CNC lathe with centering machine can only process parts with a diameter of 38mm.


Application field

The CNC lathe is a high-precision processing equipment, which can complete complex processing such as turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, and engraving at one time. The automatic lathe is mainly used for precision hardware processing and mass production of special-shaped shafts. The centering machine lathe has high-precision, high-intelligence technology, adopts high-precision, high-rigidity, built-in electric spindle and high-precision bearings, which can be matched with the stator and rotor. The accuracy of the spindle is still stable under high-speed rotation, and the error is extremely small. The automatic lathe of the walking machine originated in Germany and Switzerland, and was mainly used for precision machining of military equipment in the early days. With the continuous development and growth of the industrialization process, Swiss-type lathes are gradually used in the processing of civilian products.

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