Causes and treatment methods of scratches on the surface of CNC precision parts machining

  1. It is caused by unreasonable machining parameters of CNC precision parts

Solution: See if you can change the processing parameters of the high-speed drilling and tapping machine, it may be that the parameter settings are unreasonable.

  1. It may be the wrong process selection

Solution: On the other hand, an effective way to prevent scratches is to use boring instead of drilling, and the process selection is wrong.

  1. Refer to the CNC lathe processingdrawings

Solution: You must first see the processing drawing to know. If the thickness of the workpiece processed by the CNC machining center is not very thick, you can use a reamer to twist it.

  1. There may be a problem with chip removal

Solution: It is also possible that the water flow rate of your coolant is slow and the amount of water is not enough, so the chips cannot be discharged.

  1. It is caused by too high drilling speed

Solution: The angle of the drill bit processed by the CNC lathe is well ground, and the drilling speed is too high.

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