Casting process of aluminum alloy die casting

Professional aluminum alloy die-casting plants generally use gravity casting, and low-pressure casting, centrifugal casting and other processes can also be used when there are special requirements. Aluminum has high strength and good plasticity, and can be processed into various shapes. Aluminum is also brittle at low temperatures and can be widely used in refrigeration equipment. Industrial pure aluminum is mainly used to manufacture wires, aluminum foils, anti-corrosion aluminum packaging materials and conductive parts.

aluminum die casting

Industrial pure aluminum with an impurity content greater than 2 is mainly used in the manufacture of utensils. Daily necessities and decorative materials have a wide range of adaptability to sand casting. Small pieces, large pieces, simple pieces, complex pieces, single pieces and single pieces can be used in large batches. Sand casting molds are generally made of wood and are often referred to as wood molds. In addition, sand molds have higher refractoriness than metal molds, so this process is also used for materials with higher melting points such as copper alloys and ferrous metals.
However, professional aluminum alloy die casting plants also have some disadvantages in casting: since each sand mold can only be poured once, the castings are damaged after they are obtained and must be reshaped, so the production efficiency of sand casting is low; although oxygen-filled die casting and vacuum die casting are An effective way to improve the mechanical properties of alloys.
However, it is still difficult to use widely, so the development and development of new die-casting aluminum alloys have been going on. Advanced die casting technology The early horizontal cold chamber die casting machine die casting process has only one speed to hydraulically feed the metal into the production model, and the injection speed is only 1m~2m/s.

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